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Spring Sales at SilverFlame Art

I’m holding a sale on commission work.  I’m offering “painterly,” head-and-shoulder character portraits for $30 a piece, and more elaborate illustrations for $100 each.  These are digitally drawn and painted by hand using a Wacom tablet, and prints are available for the additional cost of print + shipping.  This sale ends on the last day of May, so hurry on over and take a look!

Click the picture to go to the site and read more.  You're all welcome to reblog this post.

Just posting here too.

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Hello, friends!  I know, it's been a long time since I've posted here.  I wanted to share my latest piece, "Midwinter Blessings," depicting a faerie in the snow.

I created this piece as a gift to my lovely followers and supporters of SilverFlame Art.  If you click on the thumbnail in this entry, it will take you to my main site, where there is a link to the full-sized, high res download.  I hope you all enjoy!

Apr. 11th, 2015

My current non-fanart WIP (I've been eyeing a DW piece that I never finished, actually, and may work on that after I've finished this one).

It's almost done, but not quite.  I'm going to be giving her wings, and some magical effects in her hands.


Apr. 11th, 2015

Doctor/Rose fans (and I know there are at least a handful on here, yeah? Just a few? ;) ) go read this brilliant fic.

Kings and Lords by WhoMe

Rose Tyler never imagined she would one day marry a King, especially when she knew her heart belonged to a Lord. Will the possibility of a forced marriage to another force the boundaries of the Doctor and Rose’s relationship to be crossed once and for all, or will it drive them apart?
Happy Easter, and all that.  :)

I suppose I ought to give a little update, since I've been gone so long.  Not sure if anyone really watches this journal much anymore-- I think I'll be using it for its original intended purpose (as I said before), for fandom stuff.

My grandmother passed on last autumn after a long battle with Alzheimer's.  She is deeply missed, but I am grateful for the time we had with her, and glad she's no longer suffering.

My art career is picking up a little bit.  I maintain a Wordpress site and blog at http://silverflameart.com which I try to post to every weekday (but usually fail miserably at doing so because I've always been bad at daily blogging!), and offer freelance illustration services.

Health-wise.. well, could be better, could be worse.  I learned not too long ago that I'm going to need another surgery, but they have some reasons for delaying it for the time being.  I'll be going back in early summer to re-assess.

Mostly, though, I'm back here because I need a hobby and miss the Doctor Who fandom, especially the fic.  It's been ages since I've read a good fic.  
Wandered over to glance around.

I made this blog for fandom stuff ages ago, but I haven't been very active in fandom lately.  I think I kinda want to get back into it a bit.  Not sure about writing fic right now, but maybe some art?  We'll see.  Mostly, I'd like to read!  Though I do enjoy roleplaying sometimes.

How have you all been?  Anyone still out there?  Oh, and would anyone be interested in roleplaying?  I have a character in the DW universe that I've been neglecting. I usually play her on Tumblr but I actually would love to play her here too.  I also play an older version of Rose Tyler.  (If anyone's interested, I may start a community for it)

Sketch Days are back

Hi there, f-list!  Long time no see.  How is everyone doing?

My life has been insane these past few years, but I've somehow survived.  I may try to post a general update later on to this blog.  But in the midst of all the chaos life has been throwing my way, I've decided to start getting back into crowdfunding again, so I started a new community, silverflameart, run on my shadowsculptor account.  Last week was quite a time, getting things ready for the new blog!  It feels wonderful to be getting back into the swing of things again.  Anyway, it's Monday, which means that I am opening for $5 sketch prompts from now until 5 p.m. CST.  This is a weekly event on the new blog--$5 Sketch Day.

The concept is simple:  Go to silverflameart, leave a prompt in the comments of the Sketch Day post, a short description of something you'd like to see me sketch.  Use the payment button at the bottom of the entry on my blog to pay, and I'll post your sketch both in a reply to you in the comments and in a personal message, where I will link you to the full-sized file.

Also, the first three prompts are free!

So, come on by and leave your prompts!  Please be sure to read the info on the blog post carefully before requesting.

Some sample sketches:

In some ways, I've almost forgotten that I have this journal.  I haven't made any actual blog posts here in a very, very long time.  (I don't know if I'd consider my drive-by art posts and web site links to be blog posts.  lol)

I don't know.  I have so many blogs online and I just seem to cycle through them.  I miss the days of LJ, though.  I miss many of the people I used to talk to on here.  I miss feeling connected.  I've felt so distant and isolated and sequestered lately, and I've grown sick of it.

I may see about writing a long update post sometime today.
Detail of “Winter Queen,” one of my several WIPs.  Working on her face right now, will probably move on to the clothing next.  She looked far more… powerful, alien, and otherworldly in my head at first.  My mind couldn’t really process the visuals though, so she ended up looking more like this.


Oct. 14th, 2013

Well, I set aside "Knowledge is Power" for a few days because the face was giving me fits.  I'll get back to it soon, but in the meantime, I'll share the illustration of a role play I'm doing on Tumblr that I did while shelving the other piece.  (Edited to upload a version with some corrections.  Oh, and OMG, I completely spaced on giving reference/brush credit when I posted this here. Faestock for the female figure reference and Project-GimpBC for the grass brush)