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28 July
Texas, United States
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Hello, wanderer. You've reached the blog of artist and writer Amyla. Previously, I attempted to separate personal, fandom, and professional, but it seems I'm very, very bad at running multiple blogs at once. My art blog used to be at shadows_gallery. I will be shutting that blog down in a little while and consolidating everything here. This is your one stop shop for everything Amyla.

I'll be posting personal blogs, original art and writing, and fanfiction/art.

My fandom currently centers mostly on Doctor Who, mostly RTD era and Tennant, though I am still most definitely a fan of the current run. I enjoy a number of other programs, movies, books, etc., but I'm not overly active in their fandoms. (Recently, I've grown rather obsessed with Supernatural as well.)

My non-fan art tends heavily towards depiction of the fae, usually as very primal, elemental beings, a yinyang spiral of light and dark.

This is a hate-free zone.
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